Happy Easter

A long time ago we looked like the perfect family. All bows and bonnets! It was nice to get all dressed up in spring colors, but how did Mom do it? Six kids and we all looked good! This was back when things were simple. We spent Sunday mornings at church, and the afternoon with a set of grandparents. If it was nice, we saw Dad when he got home from the golf course!

As Amy and I got older, we were allowed to do special readings in church sometimes, but we mostly liked to sing refrains in funny voices and laugh during songs. Back then, the place was packed and no one could hear us laughing. That’s my best memory of Easter…singing “he arose, he arose!” with Amy at my side.

By the 1990’s our church was floundering. The older generation had died and not many new people came. It was eventually sold to the literacy center, that was co-founded by our minister and had been located in the basement since.

So this Easter I rise slowly, my aching muscles reminding me that I have so much to do. There are no Easter baskets, no chocolate bunnies, just the hope for the future.

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