Screeching Halt

I thought this would be easy. At least easier than I hoped. It’s not. It’s hard and I had to take some time off. I must have been crazy to think that I could start a blog while at the same time preparing my house for sale. But some would say I am crazy. I had hoped to blog everyday, but I’m gonna change that to as often as I feel like it!

First, I had to learn what options are available and how to share my blog on social media. So basically, I upgraded my account and now have many more options to learn! Second, I’ve been painting, cleaning, packing, and had a new refrigerator brought in. I know I measured! I swear I did, but it’s a half inch too tall. So now, I have to have the cabinet removed and adjusted. Ugg! And finally, I had to rest for a couple days. I have Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel, so everything takes me twice as long anyway and I take a lot of breaks. But occasionally I have to take a day or two off. It’s hard for me (mentally) to take that time off, but I have to. And I have to be ok with that.

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