The Refrigerator

That’s the dining room. There’s not supposed to be a refrigerator in there. Yep, I’m still stressing over my mistake on measuring for a new refrigerator. It’s too big. A half inch too tall.

Thats kind of a metaphor for my life. Just a little too big, no just a little too tall. Although I’ve heard I’m “big” all my life, I’m really just tall. Amy has always been a little taller than me. We have that in common too. I recently ordered five pairs of pants online, just to try them on and return the four I didn’t want. As I entered JCPenney to return them, I ran into the manager, who was about 6’5″. I asked him if he had bought his pants there in Penney’s and he said yes. I explained to him that I can’t shop in his store for clothes. I also asked if he knew how many basketball and volleyball players we had in the area. I see many tall women and wonder if they all shop online like I do?

So that’s part of our story too. We’re tall women; 5’10” and 5’11”.

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