A Snail’s Pace

Well it finally happened. The house is done and on the market. When I say done, I mean sorted, stored, donated, cleaned, or painted. As I worked, and bitched, I kept seeing my house looking better and better. I really hope that the next owner will love the house as much as I have.

It took me some time; about six months in all and the final eight weeks were the hardest. But, I took my time so it wasn’t so bad.

On Monday morning, I mowed and blew. Then I gave my keys to my realtor and left town. I had planned this trip long ago, but it just worked out that the house was ready at the same time. I stopped at a hotel that night and soaked in a whirlpool tub. My treat to myself!

I’m in Oklahoma now for my Godsons Graduation. He is a good kid, but a regular kid.  His Mom and I go back 28 years. She gets so frustrated with him, but I keep reminding her that he’s a good young man. He’s done very well in school and has lots of friends. She’s done a good job and I’m proud of both of them.

I realize that the meditation I have done has allowed me to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life. I think when we slow down, we notice things. Things about our world and things about each other that allow us to know each other better.

So take your time. Slow down and appreciate life. The small things. The things that make life worth living. Much love to all of you! I appreciate everything you do😘

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