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The house is sold!

It’s been a while, I know. I came back from my vacation with the flu. After spending two weeks miserable, packing for my move was a relief. I’m ready for two men and a truck! They’re gonna load that baby up and move all my big stuff in a day. I’m so ready.

It’s been bittersweet; I know I’m ready for this but it’s been kind of sad. I look at some of the things I did to make the house more mine and I’m going to miss it. Like my cork flooring, it is unusual for a home, but I love it! Like the flowers I planted which look so good this year. Like Lucky’s, and now Kal’s, favorite place to sleep and keep an eye on the entire house.

I wasn’t expecting it to go so quickly, but I guess the quicker this house sold, the quicker I can move on to the next home. I say home because that is what it will be. Having my sister as my roommate, and more importantly family, will make this next house a home.

And speaking of home, for the near future, home is at Amy’s. After preparing for the movers to come in the morning, I was able to come back here and climb in a big, soft, comfortable bed! I am so grateful  and I am staying here until we find the right house.

We’ve looked at a couple houses so far and had to have a meeting of the minds. The first home was small but with lots of room to build an addition. I thought the cost was doable, but we found out the neighborhood wouldn’t support an appraised value equivalent to the financing necessary to fund a build. The second home had a lot going for it. Lots of updates and room for us to spread out. It had a walkout basement and a roomy, fenced yard for the dogs. The price is at the top of our budget though. But most disappointing was the fact that it’s just outside of our walkable neighborhood.

We’ve only just begun this journey. Selling one house was the first step and I hope all the next steps go just as smoothly. Until next time, Jane



    1. Congratulations on the sale. I know the feeling about leaving one home. But the next one will be just as good. Each home is a journey of memories and you will make new ones in the next one. You will find the right one 🙂

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