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A New Day One

I started this story and then stopped. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. You know, do the research and seem like I knew all about blogging. Well, it didn’t happen. I sold my house, moved in with my sister and then got a small camper. Not stopping there, I took a road trip and ended up in Florida.

But I am going to start again. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so I will jump on here and do this for 21 Days. I hope I start putting together ideas and thoughts that resonate with all of you. I hope to hear some comments and suggestions on how to live with siblings. We can’t be the only ones doing this!

I’m still in Florida. I went through Louisiana for New Years and left there sick. My friends family was wonderful, but after hitting the VA Hospital in New Orleans, I headed to Florida. We are very fortunate that our parents are alive and well. I am very fortunate that they are in Florida and were my next location to visit. After a while, I headed a little further south.

I’ll spend some time in the sun and forget about that -2 degree weather I left in Peoria. I do miss my sister though. And Bob. And Chaka. ❤️


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