Too Pooped to Ponder

I missed writing yesterday. I thought about lying and saying that the internet wouldn’t work. But that’s not true. I’ve been in the bathroom too much. Then I’m too pooped to ponder. I’ve cut back on food and upped the fluids and feel good enough to think today.

I went to Dunedin today to walk around and see what makes it so “walkable.” I will say I found it very easy to find a bathroom. I had a great lunch and Kal was treated to a beach mat and bowl of water. The town is very dog friendly. What I found was a small downtown area with shops and restaurants. The hospital was very close too. Although it appeared accessible, it has the earmarks of becoming too pricy and upscale for most. I worry about that in the Heights too. Although there are a few mid-scale shops, they tend to be outnumbered by pricier ones.

What I did notice was a happy, positive vibe. Every corner had something going on. There was live music in two locations. On a Wednesday afternoon!

The Pinellas Trail goes right through which brings in many bike riders. I found a small shop of nice electric bicycles. It was very interesting and the owner offered my a one hour rental to see how I would do.

It’s close to where I am staying, so I had to get back here in order to visit the bathroom a few more times.

As Amy and get ready to find our house, we know two things: we really want to be in a walkable community. And, no matter where we end up, we absolutely, without a doubt, have to have our own bathrooms.

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