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I’m starting to miss home

Its day 34 of living in my camper, or in someone’s spare room. I spent eight nights at our parents and it was a really good time. And I spent 4 nights at Stuart & Catrice’s, eating and winning some washing machine quarters! So, of 34 nights, I’ve spent 22 in the camper.

Today, I started dreaming of home. But here’s the problem; I don’t have a home. So I think about a sun room, a garden room, a “Florida” room, and a place for all the plants to spent the winter. I don’t know how we will ever get that in the location we have chosen. But really, I want too much. More than our budget. I dream of too much. I think I should have the best, but of course I can’t afford it.

What we need is something we can both afford. Something within walking distance to many shops and the Rock Island Trail. Something with multiple entrances and exits. Both pedestrian and auto. I also would love to have an electric bicycle. So maybe even a bike garage!

I broke a bed support today. I sat down too hard. Or maybe, I’ve sat here too hard too many times. My big butt keeps making a comfy compression, and I keep coming back to it. I took the one thing that I brought as art – the 60’s camping plack that announced my grandparents, from Peoria – and put it under the bed and over the broken spot. I think Grandpa would’ve approved! It’s made from a solid piece of wood, and others would have thrown it out. But not Grandpa, and not me. I knew that piece of “art” would come in handy.

I’m ready to come home, I just don’t have one yet. But I know I will. It will be ready for me when I’m ready for it. It’s close, it’s almost time.


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